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Case Study




Our approach

Resilience & Self Care


Government Department


Staff working within this sector are often exposed to high stress and vicarious trauma, the need to provide an innovating program for staff was identified.


Our approach was multi- tiered. Our consulting team broke the current project down into three key phases:

Phase 1: Prevention

We undertook a workforce assessment to identify current issues adversely impacting resilience. This involved an extensive review of policy, procedures, recruitment processes and evaluation of current strategies.

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Development of leadership Programs fostering individual and team resilience

  • Development of an Internal Resilience Buddy program

  • Self care and resilience training programs for all staff

  • Coaching Program focusing on 1:1 development

  • Establish a pilot group to assess their wellbeing over a 12 month period


Phase 3: Review

After 12 month period, employees who participated in the pilot program which involved a range of interventions targeting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing strategies reported a reduction in their stress levels and felt more empowered and in control of their personal and professional lives. Each participant had to commit to attending all programs, coaching and reviewing their plan on a monthly basis. The results were outstanding and extremely positive. On the basis of the findings, policy was reviewed and a number of innovative workplace strategies were introduced such as:

  • Volunteering days with not-for-profit organisation

  • Wellbeing rooms

  • Environment and ergonomic changes

  • Pay-It-Forward Initiative

  • Acknowledgment Programs

  • Peer Resilience Program

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