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Edge Services

Conflict & Aggression Programs
  • Dealing with low, medium and
    high risk situations          

  • Dealing with abusive phone calls

  • Critical incident management 

  • Risk assessment                                                      

  • Foundational to Advanced Leadership

  • Working with teams

  • Psychometric testing such as MBTI, Risk Assessment  Belbin Team Profile,

  • Emotional Intelligence Testing & programs

EO Diversity
  • Policy direction & advice

  • Learning Programs focusing on harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying

  • Rights & Responsibilities: Employee Programs

  • Rights & Responsibilities: Managers Programs

Resilience Program
  • Culture Assessments

  • Cultivating personal, team and organisational resilience

  • Wellbeing Programs

Mediation Services
  • Interpersonal conflict between colleagues

  • Team Conflict

  • Workplace Support Services

Coaching Services
  • 1:1 Unlocking your potential

  • Tailored support for first time people leaders

  • Conflict Management coaching

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