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Case Study




Our approach

Leadership Program


One of the four largest financial institutions in Australia


To design and deliver a leadership initiative for first and middle management staff


We developed a three tiered approach which involved:


Individual Coaching Sessions: Each participant undertook an Emotional Intelligence Test and was provided 1:1 feedback regarding their strength and developmental areas. On the basis of this psychometric assessment, a coaching plan was developed and each participant had monthly access to their coach throughout the process of the leadership initiative.

Peer Support Groups: Participants were allocated into groups of 5-6 peers who met monthly with a proven business leader within the organisation. The key focus of the Peer Support Groups were to discuss workplace dilemmas supervisors and managers may be experiencing and provide and receive direct feedback from one another. These sessions were recorded and each participant was provided feedback about their team role and ability to interact through the coaching sessions.

Learning Program: A total of 6 days were designed which involved a pathway of 2x2 days of training every 6 weeks. The final two days were held in a residential setting and the topic areas included:

  • Leadership theory

  • Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Framework

  • Working with Teams

  • Dealing with team conflict

  • Time Management

  • Performance Management

  • Enhancing Self & Social Awareness

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